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2431 Joe Johnson Dr.
Univ of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-4561

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Tennessee Plant Research Center


The next PRC is on Thursday, April 27th! The colloquium will be held at Calhoun's on the River at 12:00 and lunch is provided. We will have speaker Dr. Bruce Kohorn from Bowdoin College.

Research Grant for Graduate Students and Post Docs

We are pleased to annouce the first Research Grant Competition for graduate students and post docs. Complete applications are due on September 15th, 2017, Awards will be announced on October 10th, 2017. Award receipients are expected to file an update on February 1st, 2018 and a full report is due on June 1st, 2018.

The complete guidlines can be found here: PRC GSPDRG guidelines 2017



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Speaker List

Spring 2012 Speaker School/Department Title
1/26/2012 Tim Tschaplinski ORNL Down-regulation of the Caffeic acid O-methyltransferase Gene in Switchgrass Reveals a Novel Monolignol Analog
  Mingjun Zhang UT/ MABE Inspiration from Plants for Engineering Design Innovation
2/23/2012 Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes UT/ EEB  
  Barry Bruce UT/ BCMB  
3/29/2012 Kevin Folta Univ. of Florida  
4/26/2012 Mike Clegg Univ. of California -Irvine  
Fall 2011
8/25/2011 Jay Chen ORNL Discovery and molecular characterization of regulators of biomass recalcitrance in Populus
  David Harper UT/Center for Renewable Carbon Lignin as a Feedstock for Materials
9/29/2011 Albrecht Von arnim UT/ BCMB Translation translated. Does it make for translational research?
  Hem Bhandari UT/ Plant Sciences Switchgrass Cultivar Development for Feedstock Use: Challenges and Opportunities
10/27/2011 Brian Traw Univ. of Pittsburgh Genome-wide association mapping of plant resistance to a virulent bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae
11/17/2011 Simon Gilroy Univ. of Wisconsin  
Spring 2011
1/27/2011 Andreas Nebenfuhr UT/BCMB The Power of Movement in Plant Cells
2/24/2011 Alex Krichevsky Stony Brook Univ. Autoluminescent Plants: Enhancing the Quality of Human Life. 
3/31/2011 Ron Qu North Carolina St. Univ. High-throughput Agrobacterium transformation of switchgrass and studies on the rice rubi3 promoter 
4/21/2011 Mark Johnston Dalhousie Univeristy More Mutations in Males, Even in Plants
Fall 2010
9/30/2010 Sheila McCormick Univ. of California -Berkeley Signaling during pollen tube growth
10/28/2010 Chris Haufler Univ. of Kansas Speciation in Ferns: Solving Mysteries of Reticulation and Divergence
11/18/2010 Jason Burris & Yanhui Peng UT/ Plant Sciences Transcriptome Sequencing One Thousand Plants:
Opportunities and Timelines
  Brad Binder UT/ Plant Sciences Ethylene Receptors in Plants and Beyond
Spring 2010
1/28/2010 Kurt Lamour UT/ EPP  
  Joe Williams UT/ EEB  
2/25/2010 Elena Shpak UT/ BCMB  
  Feng Chen UT/ Plant Sciences  
3/25/2010 Albert Kausch Univ. of Rhode Island  
4/29/2010 Laura Galloway University of Virginia Maternal effects: Parental care in plants