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Tennessee Plant Research Center    

Hem S. Bhandari, Ph. D.

Department of Plant Sciences

Phone: (865) 974-8596

Bhandari’s research program is focused on genetic improvement of biomass/feedstock crops by integrating conventional selection methodologies and molecular genetics. His emphasis is on development of improved varieties of switchgrass for sustainable feedstock production system.

Recent Publications

Bhandari, H.S., M.C. Saha, V.A. Fasoula, and J.H. Bouton. 2011. Estimation of genetic parameters for biomass yield in lowland switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.). Crop Science: 51:1525-1533.

Bhandari, H.S., A. Al-Lawati and I.M. Ray. 2011. AFLP marker diversity among high yielding perennial alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) core collection accessions. Crop Science 51:1110-1121.

Bhandari, H.S., M.C. Saha, P. N. Mascia, V.A. Fasoula, and J.H. Bouton. 2010. Variation among half-sib families and heritability for biomass yield and other traits in lowland switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.). Crop Science 50:2355-2363.

Bhandari, H.S., M.C. Saha, and J.H. Bouton (2010). Genetic variation in lowland switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) p. 67-71 in C. Huyghe (ed.) Sustainable use of genetic diversity in forage and turf breeding (EUCARPIA 2009). Springer.

Bhandari, H.S., C.A. Pierce, L.W. Murray, and I.M. Ray. 2007. Combining abilities and heterosis for forage yield among high yielding accessions of the alfalfa core collection. Crop Science 47:665-671.

Yaxin Ge, Chunxiang Fu, Hem Bhandari, Joseph Bouton, E. Charles Brummer, and Zeng-Yu Wang 2012. Pollen Viability and Longevity of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) to be published in Crop Science 51: 2698–2705.

Book Chapters:

Hem Bhandari, Masumi Ebina, Malay C. Saha, Joseph H. Bouton, Sairam V. Rudrabhatla, and Stephen L. Goldman. 2011. Panicum. P. 175 - 196 in Kole C. 2011. (Ed.) Wild crop relatives: Genomic and breeding resources. Springer.

Hem S. Bhandari and Malay C. Saha. (2009). Molecular Breeding in Fescue grass species. P. 53 – 83 in Bhowmik et al. 2010. Advances in classical field theory. (eBook), pp. 53-83. Bentham Sceince Publishers.

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