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2431 Joe Johnson Dr.
Univ of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-4561

(865)974-7139 ph
(865)974-7164 fax

Tennessee Plant Research Center

The goals of the PRC are to enhance collaboration and cooperation among the participants in order to create new research opportunities at UT that may bring new funding prospects to campus. In addition, the PRC will enhance the training opportunities for our graduate and undergraduate students as well as postdoctoral trainees.

Member benefits

  1.  Advisors that join will give their advisees an opportunity to apply for graduate travel funds given by the PRC.
  2. Colloquia/Meetings will be held at noon on the last Thursday of the month throughout the spring and fall semesters (except November).  These meetings will consist of a free buffet lunch, presentations given by other members, and any announcements the PRC might have.
  3. Colloquia can have a tie in to graduate courses and may supplement a regular class meeting.
  4. Involvement in the PRC connects members from all areas of plant research together.

To become a member:

  1. Send an email to Jennifer Hinds at
  2. Include your name, research information, and anything else you would like to be included on the PRC website.
  3. Attend as many Colloquiums as your schedule permits.

PRC Board

Andreas Nebenführ, Biochemistry & Cellular & Molecular Biology (co-director)

Neal Stewart, Plant Sciences, (co-director)

Joe Williams, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Barry Bruce, Biochemistry & Cellular & Molecular Biology

Niki Labbe, Center for Renewable Carbon

David Harper, Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries

Feng Chen, Plant Sciences

Jay Chen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory