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Tennessee Plant Research Center    

Margaret E. Staton, Ph.D

Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology

Office: 154 Plant Biotech Building


The Staton research laboratory is focused on solving the bioinformatic challenges of integrating and processing large plant genomic datasets, especially those from hardwood trees.  She also specializes in comparative genomics, particularly transferring and applying the in-depth knowledge-base available for commodity crop plants to understanding the evolution and genomic structure of woody tree species. Dr. Staton hosts and maintains the Hardwood Genomics Database (, which provides tools for scientists to query, download and explore genomic datasets cross-linked between multiple tree species. The websites are built on Tripal, an open-source, custom, flexible, modular software package for genetic and genomic database construction, co-developed across the Staton lab and over 20 other plant genomic websites.

Lab Website:
Hardwood Genomics Database:
Tripal Software:




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