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Vince Pantalone, Ph.D.

Department of Plant Sciences University of Tennessee AgResearch Soybean Breeding & Genetics ProgramBrad Binder

Office: 254 Plant Biotech Building
(865) 974-8801


Dr. Pantalone's website


Dr. Vince Pantalone is a Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences where he is responsible for the University of Tennessee AgResearch Soybean Breeding & Genetics Program, a nationally recognized program for soybean improvement. He has a ninety percent research and ten percent teaching appointment. Dr. Pantalone conducts research with emphasis on improved seed yield, plant disease resistance, and seed quality traits. His research program utilizes traditional and molecular methods of plant breeding to accelerate development and commercial deployment of improved varieties for producers in Tennessee and the Mid South region. Key thrusts include targeting the genetic development of conventional or herbicide resistant lines for high seed yield, soybean cyst nematode resistance, higher crude seed protein content, improved amino acid composition, higher seed oil content, and modifications of fatty acid composition. Dr. Pantalone is responsible for directing graduate students, and for teaching Advanced Plant Breeding (PLSC 653).

Refereed Journal Articles:

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