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Brandon Matheny, Ph. D.Madhavi martin

Assistant Professor

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Phone: (865) 974-8896
Hesler 332


We use natural history collections and molecular sequence data to identify fungal biodiversity and to perform phylogeny reconstruction, particularly of mushroom-forming fungi. We do basic systematic research of fleshy fungi in North America and have a research project funded by the National Science Foundation to revise a family of mycorrhizal fungi (Inocybaceae) in Australia and study patterns of mycorrhizal evolution. At present we are interested in assessing the nature and timing of radiations of mycorrhizal fungi. We are also interested in using phylogenies to detect shifts in mycotoxin production and trophic strategies employed by fungi.

Martin Lab


Recent Publications

Matheny PB, Austin EA, Birkebak JM, Wolfenbarger AD (2010) Craterellus fallax, a Black Trumpet mushroom from eastern North America with a broad host range. Mycorrhiza, early online.

Judge B, Ammirati JF, Lincoff G, Trestrail JH, Matheny PB (2010) Ingestion of a newly described North American mushroom species from Michigan resulting in chronic renal failure: Cortinarius orellanosus. Clinical Toxicology 48: 545-549.

Alvarado P, Manjon JL, Matheny PB, Esteve-Raventos F (2010) Tubariomyces, a new genus of Inocybaceae from the Mediterranean region. Mycologia, early online.

Matheny PB, Griffith GW (2010) Mycoparasitism between Squamanita paradoxa and Cystoderma amianthinum (Cystodermateae, Agaricales). Mycoscience, online first.

Matheny PB, Bougher NL (2010) Type studies of Australian species of Inocybe. Muelleria 28: 87-104.

Binder M, Larsson KH, Matheny PB, Hibbett DS (2010) Amylocorticiales ord. nov. and Jaapiales ord. nov.: early-diverging clades of Agaricomycetidae dominated by corticioid forms. Mycologia 102: 865-880.

Kropp BR, Matheny PB, Nanagyulyan SG (2010) Phylogenetic taxonomy of the Inocybe splendens group and evolution of supersection “Marginatae”. Mycologia 102: 560-573.

Slot JS, Hallstrom KN, Matheny PB, Hosaka K, Mueller G, Robertson DL, Hibbett DS (2010) Structural and functional diversification of high affinity nitrate transporters in three clades of mushroom-forming fungi from differenct ecologies. Fungal Ecology 3: 160-177.

Matheny PB (2009) A phylogenetic classification of the Inocybaceae. McIlvainea 18: 11-21.

Schoch CL, Sung G-H, López-Giráldez F, Townsend JP, Miadlikowska J, Hofstetter V, Robbertse B, Matheny PB, Kauff F, Wang Z, Gueidan C, Andrie RM, Trippe K, Ciufetti LM, Wynns A, Fraker E, Hodkinson BP, Bonito G, Yahr R, Groenewald JZ, Arzanlou M, de Hoog GS, Crous PW, Hewitt D, Pfister DH, Peterseon K, Gryzenhout M, Wingfield MJ, Aptroot A, Suh S-O, Blackwell M, Hillis DM, Griffith GW, Castlebury LA, Rossman AY, Lumbsch HT, Lücking R, Büdel B, Rauhut A, Diederich P, Ertz D, Geiser DM, Hosaka K, Inderbitzin P, Kohlmeyer J, Volkmann-Kohlmeyer B, Mostert L, O’Donnell K, Sipman H, Rogers JD, Shoemaker RA, Sugiyama J, Summerbell RC, Untereiner W, Johnston P, Stenroos S, Zuccaro A, Dyer P, Crittenden P, Cole MS, Hansen K, Trappe JM, Lutzoni F, and Spatafora JW (2009) The Ascomycota Tree of Life: a phylum wide phylogeny clarifies the origin and evolution of fundamental reproductive and ecological traits. Systematic Biology 58: 224-239.

Hibbett DS, Matheny PB (2009) The relative ages of ectomycorrhizal mushrooms and their plant hosts estimated using Bayesian relaxed molecular clock analyses. BMC Biology 7:13.

Matheny PB, Moreau P-A (2009) A rare and unusual lignicolous species of Inocybe (Agaricales) from eastern North America. Brittonia 61: 163-171.

Matheny PB, Aime MC, Bougher NL, Buyck B, Desjardin DE, Horak E, Kropp BR, Lodge DJ, Trappe JM, Hibbett DS (2009) Out of the palaeotropics? Historical biogeography and diversification of the cosmopolitan mushroom family Inocybaceae. Journal of Biogeography 36: 577-592.




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